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Carnival & Kids Carnival

Riverside County Fair and Date Festival 2019


Enjoy both the carnival and/or the kids’ carnival while visiting the Fair. The newest and greatest rides are surely to bring a smile to any thrill seeker’s face – young or old.  


An unlimited ride wristband can be purchased for $25 Tuesday-Thursday, and $28 Friday-Sunday (and Presidents' Day Monday) at the carnival ticket booth inside fairgrounds.


Carnival Information

Carnival Height Requirements

At the 74th Annual Fair this year, carnival lovers will be delighted! Don’t miss out on the adrenaline rush and fun! Here’s a list of just a few:

NEW FOR 2020


The Mega Flip from Holland, creates a thrilling, memorable experience that lifts rides high into the air. The main boom sways back and forth, as the base of six groups of seats begin to rotate, providing riders a feeling of weightlessness while soaring through the air with their feet swinging free providing a spectacular show! 




Dragon Wagon Kid Coaster

The ride shaped of a dragon’s segmented body – the Dragon Wagon Kid Coaster delivers a thrilling excitement for kids!   




Cycle Jump

Shaded by an umbrella top, The Cycle Jump for children ride mini motorcycle cars. The Cycle Jump is complete and equipped with horns to honk. This ride is perfect for first time riders.




Kid Wheel

This mini Ferris Wheel is 17 ft. high and just right for a good view, yet not quite as those ready for the Eagle 16. This ride is perfect for beginners and good practice ride for kids!








Turbo is not for the fainted-hearted. The Turbo ride features an upside-down free-flipping action taking riders for a 70 mph ‘spin’ at the ends of a whirling arm that takes riders up to 120 ft. in the air and send them hurling towards earth in an angle creating forces 3 times the pull of gravity!





White Water Flume Ride

Unlike any other ride at the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival - The World-Class White Water Ride features logs that hold two passengers each and riders make their way up two different hills. Once the log reaches the peak of the ride, it descends rapidly generating a giant splash at the bottom of the water slide. This exciting spectacular ride is the newest acquisitions to Butler Amusements and is now at the 73rd Riverside County Fair and Date Festival!






Inversion can reach a height of nearly 80 ft. featuring a tripod – like shape of passenger seats which can hold 12 total passengers. Inversion’s main arm sways back and forth like a pendulum, then swings to invert riders completely around and upside down.






Towering over Riverside County Fair and Date Festival at 100 ft. in height seating 24 passengers provides an amazing view. The Vertigo attraction seats two riders who are secured in lap restraint. In the beginning of the rider, the entire center twists and rotates. Passengers enjoy a swinging motion as the entire center track lifts up slowly until reaching the peak of the ride. When reaching the top of the ride it begins to slowly swing in a descent.






The thrill ride that delivers fast paced entertainment. This ride holds two passengers secured by a lap bar. The Quasar ride spins and the main arm raises the center of the wheel generating a smooth ride for each of the cars.




The Himalayas is known as a mountain range that separates plains, as Riverside County Fair and Date Festival crowds do not have to travel far to trek through the snowy mountains of the Swiss Alps. Experiencing the rush of a toboggan ride lies within the Himalaya taking you on a fast, up and down – around a trip that goes really fast, and then backwards too!




Century Wheel    

Riverside County Fair and Date Festival goers will love the experience of the Century Wheel as it towers over the fair providing a grand view from a height from about 70 feet. Century Wheel riders are seated in separate gondolas and taken away on a smooth ride over the top and down again, like a Ferris wheel. This ride is for the entire family and showcases an extravagant LED lighting show!




Pole Position Coaster

The ultimate superior coaster experience – the Giant Pole Position Spinning Roller Coaster is Italian made, world class coaster composed of three levels of fun, with the top level measuring 55 feet high. The five coaster cars are painted like racing cars and holds four passengers.


The Giant Pole Position is not your ordinary spinning roller coaster consisting extra sound effects to dramatize the ride as the car goes around a corner or when gaining elevation. As the riders hold on tight, the car gently climbs to the very top, and then the momentum of anticipating a free fall as the riders feel the thrill of the ride as it spins while maneuvering along the track.




Giant Wheel        

The Giant Wheel offers Riverside County Fair & Date Festival goers’ a majestic view from about a height for nearly 100 feet and is a towering tradition of the fair each year! Giant Wheel passengers are seated in separate gondolas and then are taken up smoothly around and down again. The motion of the ride is similar of a Ferris wheel. This ride is for the entire family to enjoy!




Wave Swinger

The Wave Swinger is a work of a masterpiece, bringing together the tradition swing ride with an extravagant, hand-painted scenic artistry. As the ride lifts the passengers slowly from the platform as it takes the riders on a pleasant ride, swinging like motion from one way to another. Its monumental structure, breathtaking work of art, lighting, and music adds another classic ride to the Riverside County Fair & Date Festival.




Giant Scooters    

The Giant Scooter ride seats passengers in “cars” start a trip over rectangular flooring – bumping and eluding other drivers coming your way. Combine that with the thrilling ride and a light show (more special effects at night, along with music). Scooter is a new innovation on a traditional ride and for those looking for an exciting ride.




Flying Bobs

Flying Bobs is extremely fun and exciting which goes in a circle; 360 degrees that goes up and down hills. The ride seats 18 that is able to carry 2 adults.




1001 Nachts (Nights)

1001 Nachts (Nights) bring a thrill and spectacular ride for all Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival fair goers. 1001 Nachts brings a colorful attraction delivering energy efficient state-of-the art LED bulbs. The platform of the ride goes up and over in a circular motion as riders feel the thrill of the ride!





The Zipper has been one of the Midway’s most recognizable attractions for years, providing thrills to riders from teens to adults.  There’s more spinning going on with the Zipper than an out of control top. While the ‘cages’ holding two passengers each rise and descend on a tower boom, each spins independently and the entire boom turns, too.  Three times the action, backed by spectacular lighting bringing them back for more. 




The Grand Carousel

For decades, audiences have been awed by the beautifully handcrafted majesty of the carousel. To witness The Grand Carousel is to see this piece of Americana in all its glory. This 38 foot Americana Themed Carousel features 36 jumping horses, and 2 chariots.  Parents and children create memories while they enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful ride together!




Ring of Fire                   

Love of the Midway is a burnin’ thing, and in this case, it makes a fiery ring. On the Ring of Fire passengers are firmly secured in their seats within a train of cars and are taken on a journey that circumnavigates the inside of a ‘ring of fire’.  The train pauses only once at the top before cascading down the track backwards!  The Ring of Fire is a spectacular ride just for teens and adults.




The Viper

The Viper ride is another recent spectacular ride that Butler Amusements will be bringing to the midway this year. A colossal ride with a brilliant green snake theme will take riders on a whirlwind journey. The large arm across the entire top of the ride tilts and spins. At each end of the giant arm are two clusters holding two part seating which spin independently as well. The open air design allows riders to experience spectacular twirling views . The Viper seats 24 passengers and uses state of the art shoulder bars.





The Orbiter is an exciting teen ride which features 4 twirling arms holding three spinning seats each. This Italian made ride twirls riders around until their seats are perpendicular with the ground below, quite the sight day and night.




Alien Invasion

The lights and excitement of the midway literally become a blur as Alien Invasion sweeps you off of your feet. Spinning at 24 RPM, The Alien Invasion uses centrifugal force to float the passengers off the floor, giving them the feeling of weightlessness. All aboard this 45-person capacity Starship for one wild ride.







This 28 foot Carousel features 18 jumping horses. Parents and children create memories while they enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful ride together!





Round and round they go and where they stop, nobody knows! An old favorite that has thrilled and excited patrons for generations, the Tilt-A-Whirl is a swirling experience for teens and adults. Separate cars rotate individually as the entire ride revolves up, down and around!




Big Top

This circus themed funhouse will hypnotize patrons with its beautiful color changing LED light show and newly painted scenery. Enjoy an upper deck view of the midway on the second story once maneuvering the air tricks and the spinning steps. With so many tricks to master, including a roller floor, treadmill, ladder steps and surprising air fans, it will take days to master this funhouse!




Kite Flyer

The Kite Flyer is an unusual amusement ride where, instead of sitting, passengers lie horizontally within the frame of colorful gliders. After riders are buckled in, the ride begins to turn and then rises in the air for a thrilling, soaring sensation before gently gliding back to “Earth”.




Eagle 16    

A staple of the American Midway, this 16-seat ferris wheel has eight front facing cars holding two riders in each.  It offers both a gentle ride around the 360-degree vertical circle and a thrilling view, as riders are lifted high above the ground and able to see for miles. 




Wacky Worm       

The Wacky Worm coaster is designed for the whole family. This two level family roller coaster is a great way for the entire family to enjoy the carnival. This brightly painted worm, surrounded by flower cup lights, is a charming addition to the Midway. 





Celebrate one of America’s brightest and boldest holidays without having to travel far. The Mardi Gras is a self-contained celebration of the famed New Orleans Holiday.  Two stories of exciting mirror mazes, moving escalators, music and lights combine for thrills, inside and out – day or night!      




Zig and zag your way to an amazing time on the Scrambler. Families delight as they spin in two directions at the same time. The Scrambler has 12 seats each seat capable of holding 3 people. The main frame spins as each arm of seats spins independently, creating a feeling of funky flight. The Scrambler also features Deluxe Lighting and programmed incandescent “Ultra Lights.”




Zombie Carnival

Passengers are invited to climb aboard coffin like carriages which seat two passengers at a time. When the operator engages the ride, passengers creep along a winding track which takes them to the Zombie Carnival. Complete darkness awaits riders as their carriage navigates twists and turns.




State Fair Slide

The Slide is a ride for the whole family. It towers  35 feet high and has  hills to slide  down. Fairgoers  of any age enjoy the thrill of our slide as they sail down the undulating path.  Passengers climb a stairway, higher and higher to the top of the slide and then laugh and scream  with delight as they sail to the bottom.




Giant Slide

The Riverside County Fair has been a playground for kids of all ages. And no playground would ever be complete without a slide! Kids of any age enjoy the thrill of this giant slide as they sail down the undulating path.  Passengers climb a stairway, higher and higher to the top of the slide and then laugh and squeal with delight as they sail to the bottom.





The Cyclone is a thrilling ride that is enjoyed by kids, teens and families of all types. The Cyclone has 8 uniquely designed spherical passenger vessels each with a capacity of 4 persons. Each vessel includes a centrally located steering wheel which enables the passengers spin the cars themselves. The Cyclone lifts 7 ½ feet into the air and tilts 20 degrees for a terrific ride sensation.






Pirates of the Midway

Pirates of the Midway takes you on a salty quest of epic proportions. This pirate themed walk-through attraction is a thrilling trip through a maze of unusual sights and sounds! Inside and out, the Pirates of the Midway is an eye-catching adventure, complete with tricks and thrills.




Dizzy Dragon

On the Dizzy Dragon four magical dragons welcome children and parents aboard for a smooth ride. Passengers can move the ride at their own pace by turning a giant steering wheel inside the dragon’s belly spinning themselves round and round while the entire ride revolves as well. This ride is a great introduction for ride enthusiasts in training before stepping up to the Tilt A Whirl.




Pirate Jet

The Pirate Jet, manufactured by SBF, will make its United States debut on Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival midway in 2015. That’s correct, the Pirate Jet is not only brand new but it is the first of its kind in the U.S. Passengers climb aboard and join an armada of six pirate ships each capable of holding 4 children or 1 adult and 2 children per ship while they gently rotate around a central friendly pirate character. Each ship sails up and down simulating a trip on the high seas!




1st Squadron

The 1st Squadron is a great ride for the whole family! These jet fighters have a small steering wheel that allows the children to maneuver the ride up and down as if they are the ones flying the jet through the air.




Jumping Jumbos 

Adding yet another humorous touch to the Midway are our Jumpin’ Jumbos. This cadre of eight comedic elephants rise into the air and then gently descends while rotating from a center tower.




Frog Hopper

The new Frog Hopper is a first of its kind, fully interactive family ride that is sure to be a hit amongst kids of all ages. Brand new to Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival  the Frog Hopper combines stadium style seating with an adorable frog theme utilizing a unique, patent pending interactive bouncing motion.




Balloon Samba from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

Manufactured in Italy, this kids ride features hot air balloon carriages and is truly a marvel to look at. The bright lights make it especially magnificent to look at during the evening. The Balloon Samba seats32 children in  6 air balloons. Fluffy white cloud cut-outs and bright, smiling suns grace the safety barrier and give kids the illusion of floating up in the sky.




Looney Tooter Train

All aboard!! This fun-filled train trip for the whole family takes place in brightly colored cartoon-like cars. Passengers board the train at the station and with merry music, and bright scenery, the journey begins around a circular track. Fun for everyone is in store on the Looney tooter.




Chopper Hopper

Kids of all ages can swirl and twirl through the air like a chopper flying daredevil. The Chopper Hopper is a family ride and boasts eight cartoon themed helicopters. Each helicopter holds four passengers and is large enough to accommodate children as well as adults. The helicopters move up and down the center pole and riders control the spinning action with a push of a button




Rock N Tug

Those who normally go with the flow are encouraged to rock the boat a little this year at the Fair. This little tug boat spins, dips and peaks like riding an ocean swell. The Rock N Tug seats approximately 20 individuals so parents can take to the high seas with their children.




Lolli Swing 

Enjoy all of the fun of the sweet colors and savory sensation of a lollipop without the calories and sugar! This brightly colored ride has 16 swings decorated with large swirl lollipops and lights. The centerpiece is a large clown complete with a red nose and floppy shoes.




Jumping Jungle Funhouse:

The Jumping Jungle Funhouse is a walk through funhouse with a wild twist. Patrons can enjoy scenes from the jungle while negotiating obstacles. Unusual sights and sounds mixed with classic funhouse tricks makes the Jumping Jungle fun for the entire family. The beautiful scenery and two stories of fun will attract all funhouse enthusiasts.





The Firehouse is an all time favorite to the little ones. Fun for the whole family. Featuring walk through punching bags, a cargo net climb and many more features will keep the littlest of visitors wanting to come back for more.





Get your little motor runnin’ on this high-octane kiddy ride. The Roadsters is an umbrella ride with mini classic cars to ride in which travel in a 360 degree rotation. This ride will bring out the little grease monkey in any child!




Tom Kangaroo

Experience the graceful, gentle ride of a baby kangaroo carried in the safety of his mother’s pouch. Four Kangaroos welcome children and parents aboard for a smooth ride. Passengers sit inside each kangaroo and as the ride turns, each kangaroo slowly revolves as well.




Wet Boats

This kid ride features individual mini boats that float in water along a circular path. A great carnival ride for first timers!




Bigfoot Trucks

The Bigfoot Trucks are an all-time favorite of the kiddies featuring mini-monster trucks.  The children feel as if they are driving around the track. Mom and Dad can even ride in the back!




Jungle of Fun

The Jungle of Fun is an interactive jungle gym for children measuring 36”-48” inches. It includes a cargo net to climb a tunnel to traverse, obstacle punching bags and floor to bounce in.




Kid Town

This is your chance to see what it’s like to live in the wacky world of your favorite cartoons. Kid Town attracts kids and adults of all ages on a walk through a funhouse with many exciting obstacles. Kid Town also has a video camera set up on the inside that the kids can stand in front of and they will appear on the screen on the front of the ride for all to see.





A high seas adventure awaits aboard our fun-filled pirate ship funhouse, Renegade. Filled with challenging and amusing obstacles, this is thrilling, yet just right for the whole family! Patrons dodge punching bags pirates and climb a cargo ladder before sliding into the mouth of a great white shark! From inside or out, the Renegade is an unusual “sailing” attraction!




Quad Runner

The Quad Runner is great for first time riders. Souped up 4-wheelers seat two children each and travel in a circle.





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