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After his quest to become the most powerful force in the world with the help of the Magic Lamp and its Genie backfired, the Magician was left without any memory of who he was, what he wanted, or even how powerful he had already been. Meanwhile, Aladdin, now married to the Princess and in possession of the Magic Lamp AND the Magic Ring AND both Genies, rejoiced in his good fortune. The story would end there – with a happily ever after – were it not for the Magician’s loyal and devoted Sidekick who was determined to bring his friend back to his former, although evil, glory.


With help from a surprising source – a Sorcerer (of sorts), the Magician regains his memories and is now more determined than ever to get what is rightfully his – along with a good helping of revenge against Aladdin. Of course, as all great villains throughout history choose, the Magician takes an overly dramatic approach rather than directly confronting Aladdin. Traveling to Agrabah, the Evil Trio (Magician, Sidekick, and Sorcerer) plant a not-so-subtle seed in the mind of the Vizier that Aladdin should not be trusted to ever become Sultan if he has not proven himself worthy. With the Vizier still stinging from the fact that his son, Gong, did not get to marry the Princess as promised, it was easy to get him to convince the Sultan that Aladdin should face a series of challenges to demonstrate he can think like a great ruler in four categories – courage, strength, wisdom, and compassion. The Sultan agrees and both Gong and Aladdin will travel to Walla Walla where the local Witch Doctor will guide them on how to take part in the challenges and see who would make the better ruler.

The Princess, suspicious of what is behind this sudden need for Aladdin to “prove” himself, consults the Genies of the Lamp and the Ring. They immediately see that it is the Evil Trio who are involved. Not wanting to interfere with the challenges, which the Princess believes would be made fair by her father, the Good Trio (Princess and Genies) decide to follow the Evil Trio to see what they are planning. They soon get their answer! The Magician has no intention of letting Aladdin, or even Gong, get TO the challenges, let alone take them. Instead he conjures up an Evil Obstacle designed to “permanently stop” Aladdin and Gong in their tracks. Again, as all great villains throughout history choose, the Magician decides not to stay and see that his plan works as intended!

As you might expect, the Good Trio, who have been following the Evil Trio and now know what they have planned, decide to work a little magic of their own – although not quite in time to help Gong escape unharmed. They do, however, help Aladdin to avoid harm from the Obstacle and, thus, the two contestants travel on to Samarkand where the challenge is to resolve a dispute about a found object. With that challenge complete, Gong and Aladdin return to Walla Walla to learn about the next challenge. Despite the Magician’s “best efforts,” Gong and Aladdin continue to survive the Obstacles placed in front of them by the Magician and get to complete the remaining challenges - first to Baghdad to resolve a dispute about laborers picking dates and next to Kashgar to resolve a dispute about merchants trying to gain control of all donkeys and camels in the land for their own business use.

Arriving back in Walla Walla after completing the third challenge, Aladdin is convinced that he has failed since his responses, based up his own intuition and rational thinking, are clearly different from Gong’s that resemble responses one might expect from typical forceful leaders. There is one last challenge, however, that must be completed before worthiness can be decided.

What Obstacles does the Magician conjure to prevent Aladdin and Gong from getting to the challenges? How does Gong survive them? Why is Aladdin able to get through the Obstacles without any harm at all? Who has proven himself to be the most worthy candidate for future Sultan – Gong or Aladdin? And, perhaps most importantly, what do Baby Sharks, Minions, and Puff the Magic Dragon have to do with any of this?

The answers to all of these questions and more are waiting to be revealed - along with a surprise twist or two. However, just like King Shahriyar in the Tales of 1001 Arabian Nights, you’ll have to wait for another night to learn the answers – the night that you attend the 2020 Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival’s Musical Aladdin: the Magician Remembers. With a cast of all ages, exciting musical numbers, authentic costumes, animals, and timely humor mixed with suspense and intrigue – there is something for everyone in this evening of entertainment you won’t want to miss!

Performances right after the Salute to America at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday evenings.

All for the price of admission to the fair!


Special thanks to our 2020 Cast & Crew click here


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Salute to America

Salute to America

You’ll want to come early to the pageant stage to be a part of the moving and inspirational Salute to America which will honor our country’s armed services immediately after the welcome message by the Fair Board at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday. Incorporating service men and women, as well as local school color guards, this musical tribute will leave you swelling with pride and thanks.

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