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Deep in a hidden cave at the outskirts of The Kingdom lay treasures beyond the imagination. Of course, there were treasures of great monetary value, such as jewels, gold, silver, coins, and antiquities. But, too, there were many enchanted and magical treasures. It is the latter – and, in particular, a magic lamp - which led a Magician and his Sidekick to The Kingdom from his own land far away. Though he was the most powerful magician in the whole world, he could not get what he wanted from the cave on his own as his powers would be needed outside to keep the cave entrance open. Thus, he needed someone ‘disposable’ to assist – a troublemaker, known for his pranks, that would not be well-missed if he ‘disappeared’!

It did not take long for the Magician to spot Aladdin, the only son of a poor, widowed mother. The Magician set about to trick Aladdin into helping him by pretending to be Aladdin’s long lost uncle – his late father’s RICH brother. Though it was more difficult to convince Aladdin’s skeptical mother to believe, a lavish meal and a promise to help set Aladdin up with a career of his own did the trick. With the lie in place and trust gained, the Magician faked curiosity about the hidden cave that he remembered from childhood stories and asked Aladdin to go with him to try to find it. Aladdin agreed.

Once at the mountain, the Magician used his powers to reveal the hidden cave. Fearful and unsure of what was happening, Aladdin tried to leave for home, but the Magician forced him to stay with promises of great treasures for Aladdin and his mother if Aladdin would just enter the cave and retrieve the lamp which the Magician desired. Reluctantly, Aladdin enters the cave. Within, Aladdin spots a beautiful tree that appears to be full of colorful fruits. He also spots more gold and silver than most monarchs would see in a lifetime. There is jewelry, antiquities, a beautiful bird in a gilded cage, and, set prominently upon a shelf in the cave wall, a beautiful brass lamp that is what the Magician sought. Aladdin grabs the lamp, but cannot resist taking many ‘fruits’ from the tree, the bird for his mother, and, a ring that catches his eye.

Impatiently, the Magician demands that Aladdin hurry and bring him the lamp. With too many items in his hands, Aladdin is unable to climb back out from the cave on his own and needs the Magician to help him. Fully expecting to seal Aladdin in the cave, the Magician orders Aladdin to throw the lamp up and then the Magician will help him. Knowing that would be a mistake, Aladdin refuses. With the Magician unable to hold the cave open any more he gives up; Aladdin is left to his doom in the sealed cave.

Distraught and lamenting his fate, Aladdin inadvertently rubs the ring he had put on his finger. A Genie of the Ring appears to Aladdin’s surprise and benefit. The Genie of the Ring grants Aladdin’s wish to get out of the cave and return home. Confessing the truth about the Magician to his mother, they realize they are again (that is, still) destitute. Aladdin gives his mother the ‘fruit’ from the cave as food and vows to be a different, more responsible person from that moment on. Trying to eat the ‘fruit,’ they find it too hard and think it not yet ripe. Aladdin remembers the lamp, however, and suggests they can sell it to get money for food. Aladdin begins to rub the lamp to get it clean and – poof – yet another Genie (Genie of the Lamp) appears before them. Aladdin and his mother make a simple wish for food and receive a feast in return.

Meanwhile, at the Palace of The Kingdom, the Sultan and his Vizier, along with the Vizier’s wife, their son Gong, and the Dowager Sultaness (the mother of the Sultan and grandmother of The Princess) are preparing for the day. It is the day that they will entertain requests from The Kingdom’s subjects. At the start, the Vizier – prompted by his wife – requests an answer to their own request, made months previously, that their son Gong be chosen to marry the Princess. Objecting on her own because she does not love Gong, the Princess is shut down as it is not her place to decide who she will marry. She is ordered to go pick out the silk for her wedding gown as she is to be married to Gong.

Having finished their splendid feast, Aladdin realizes that the trays upon which it was served were real silver. Aladdin runs off realizing the tray could be sold for a lot of money with the Village Trader. While negotiating, Aladdin spots many items that look quite like the ‘fruit’ he brought back from the hidden cave. The Village Trader explains that those are not ‘fruit,’ but jewels – emeralds, rubies, diamonds, and the like. Just then, the Princess enters the Village square only to find the clothier is closed. Aladdin, running home to tell his mother about the jewels they possess, bumps into the Princess and they share “a moment.” It is love at first sight!

Aladdin continues home and asks his mother to go the Sultan, with what he now knows to be jewels of great value, and ask for permission for Aladdin to be wed to the Princess. Thinking Aladdin has lost his mind, Aladdin’s mother nevertheless consents. As she is about to be turned away by the Vizier, the Dowager Sultaness spots the jewels she carries and allows her to make her request. To the Vizier’s (and, particularly, his wife’s) dismay, Aladdin’s mother is told to bring Aladdin to meet them.

Meanwhile, fearing the jewels would not be enough to persuade the Sultan to give up his daughter, Aladdin seeks the help of the Genie of the Lamp and the Genie of the Ring. They transform Aladdin into the greatest of all Princes ever known (in appearance, at least) and provide him with a royal caravan – complete with servants, animals, treasures, entertainers, and more. The caravan rides
into The Kingdom and, along with a new and splendid palace that appears in place of Aladdin’s hovel courtesy of the Genies, seals the deal with the Sultan and Dowager Sultaness. The Princess, however, is not as easily convinced and is angered that she is being “sold to the highest bidder” without consideration of her feelings or any notion of love. Realizing his mistake, Aladdin apologizes to the Princess with the help of the caged bird – that sings! - from the cave. The Princess forgives Aladdin and realizes that despite his objectionable actions, she does love him.

‘Prince’ Aladdin and the Princess are married and living happily until one day the Magician hears of the magical happenings in The Kingdom and how a prince, curiously named Aladdin, has married the princess and caused a palace to magically appear. Knowing that Aladdin must have escaped the hidden cave and is using the Magic Lamp, the Magician sets out to get what is rightfully his. Disguised as an old beggar, the Magician goes through town offering people a new lamp in exchange for their old one. Though most think him crazy for doing so, they all bring lamps to him. Even the Princess – who has known of the lamp that Aladdin keeps on a shelf yet never uses (but does not know of its power) – decides to make the trade. Immediately upon doing so, the Magician rubs the lamp and orders the Genie of the Lamp to remove Aladdin’s Palace and all its treasures, including the Princess, and send it to his far-away kingdom. Having no choice, the Genie of the Lamp does as ordered.

When the Sultan sees his daughter’s palace gone and cannot find her, they all suspect that Aladdin has stolen his daughter. Before they need act further, Aladdin returns to the village and is shocked when he realizes his palace and the Princess are gone and he is accused in the matter. He vows to find out what happened and return the Princess. When villagers tell him of the beggar changing old lamps for new, he realizes the Magician must be behind it. Still wearing the Magic Ring, Aladdin summons the Genie of the Ring to help find and return the Princess and their Palace.

Will the Genie of the Ring be able to help Aladdin? Will Aladdin find the Magician in time? Will the Princess be okay when he does? Will Aladdin be defeat the most powerful magician in the world and return his Princess safely back to their land? If so, how? And, can this story have a happily-ever-after ending? What could tacos, gummi bears, and the YMCA have to do with any of this?

The answers to all of these questions and more are waiting to be revealed - along with a surprise twist or two. However, just like King Shahriyar in the Tales of 1001 Arabian Nights, you’ll have to wait for another night to learn the answers – the night that you attend the 2019 Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival’s Musical Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (and Ring). With a cast of all ages, exciting musical numbers, authentic costumes, live animals, and timely humor mixed with suspense and intrigue – there is something for everyone in this evening of entertainment you won’t want to miss!


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Salute to America

Salute to America

You’ll want to come early to the pageant stage to be a part of the moving and inspirational Salute to America which will honor our country’s armed services immediately after the welcome message by the Fair Board at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday. Incorporating service men and women, as well as local school color guards, this musical tribute will leave you swelling with pride and thanks.

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