Robosaurus - World's Largest Transformer

Thirty tons of car-crushing, awe-inspiring entertainment will stun fairgoers at the Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival on Sunday, February 26th at 4:00 p.m. in the Grandstand Arena.

>Robosaurus is a marvel of engineering – a robot T-Rex that travels the country in the form of a futuristic trailer on the back of a semi-truck. Robosaurus transforms into a 30-ton fire-breathing colossus in less than two minutes flat! Seeing Robosaurus in action is like watching a big-budget Hollywood movie come to life! Cars and even planes are no match for Robosaurus: its 28,000 pounds of biting force per square inch crush them like toys. Flames shoot from its nostrils in twenty-foot bursts as audiences go wild!


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